Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Fabulous Day Indeed

Today was indeed a fabulous day, and I just want to document it so I don’t forget these days do still occasionally come along.

After a 4-day weekend because of snow, I was quite happy to return to work this morning. The obvious glee on my children’s faces to see me back in the classroom absolutely got my day off to a fantastic start. To know they expect to see me each Monday through Friday, that they want me to be an important part of their lives is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

And they were so happy to see me that they were also on their best behavior. They were so good, in fact, they played cooperatively and orderly without much interference from me, freeing me to catch up on a few things I needed to get done after missing 2 days of work and letting me get some cleaning and planning done before next week’s annual state assessments.

Not that I had a lot of catching up to do. Due to the efforts of a fabulous substitute teacher and the best co-teacher ever (she is WAYYYYY more than an assistant teacher in our classroom) while I was out, everything was as it should be and so much had been accomplished while I was gone. I almost felt unnecessary to the classroom’s smooth sailing (*sniff, sniff*).

During nap time, I got all of next week’s prep work completed which gives me the next two days to get ready for the above-mentioned assessments, as well as next month’s planning.

The kids were almost perfect angels all afternoon, again allowing me to enjoy their company as I went to each learning station and cleaned and bleached toys and shelves, getting ready for the prying eyes to come next week.

I came home, had dinner, and finished up a few administrative items for work. I made plans to finish my night off with the hottest man I know tonight. OH! And a little personal surprise awaited me this evening which ensures a GREAT weekend to come in, oh, 9 days.

The only glitch in my day: I forgot my Bluetooth on the charger this morning so no Pandora for the afternoon commute, but even my radio station seemed to be on top of things today and didn’t annoy me too badly.

So yes, it has been a fabulous day, a fabulous day all the way around.

I hope everyone else smiled as much as I did today.


  1. That is indeed a pretty fabulous day if I do say so myself. I have no doubt your kids missed you & were thrilled to have you back. You know your assesments will be just fine, they always are. Finally, that is a pretty lucky guy on the finish & weekend ;)

  2. Little do they know, I miss them when I am gone too.

    And yes, he is one damn lucky (and fine) man. ;)

  3. Few times do we have days that start and end on a high note. I'm glad yours was a great one!