Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yes, you did hit a mailbox, but you also took out a HOUSE!

Remember, the accused are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, even when they would pretty much admit to it if they could just quite remember what happened . . . .

Yes, my dear, you hit a house, two houses down from where you were later found, and you left a hell of a mess to be cleaned up, as well as my disabled mother and dogs trapped inside while I was stuck on the interstate an hour away.  The side view is what I first saw as I came around the corner to my driveway.

At least we once again have access to the front door.

Many thanks to the Daily News Express for their article.  Until we happened across this entertaining little paper at the gas station Friday morning, I had never laid eyes on this woman in my life.  Too bad I ever had to at all.

And many thanks to the Rockwood Police Department, the Rockwood Fire Department, and the Rockwood Utility Board, all of whom responded to my sister's frantic 9-1-1 calls from 40 miles away and who acted promptly to bring the situation under control and the suspect under arrest.  Thank you to my non-DUI neighbors who came forward with witness accounts and who offered their help and services, including picking up the police report for me because I had to be back to work on Friday.  Thank you to my wonderful employers who asked no questions when I needed the day off after this to get our affairs in order with the insurance company.  And a special thanks to Police Sergeant Jason Halliburton who is not only a friend and the arresting officer, but who also took time out the following day to check on us, and who also came to our rescue by securing help in getting the offending porch off of the house when no one else wanted to touch it.  You all made a chaotic mess so much easier than it could have been.

Let this be a reminder as to what drugs of all kinds can do to a human brain.  And to your neighbor's house.

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