Friday, May 21, 2010

The Power of Subtlety

Because I need to write, I need to put something out there, yet I am totally drawing a blank (too much traffic in the head leads to a jam), I am going to just say this:

If you didn't watch last night's season finale of Grey's Anatomy, you missed out on some of the best television to I have ever viewed.  Yes, the storyline (a crazed shooter in a hospital) was riveting and the acting was Emmy-worthy, but what caught my attention was the skilled filming.  So many times in this finale, it wasn't what you could see that keep you gripping your seat, but what you couldn't see, what was reflected in the horrified eyes of someone else.  There were moments when the events in question were happening just off-screen, just out of the viewer's reach, yet you could still sense it, you could hear it, and you knew it was coming as you stared helplessly into the eyes of another horrified character.  There were moments when no action at all took place, and the adrenaline rushed from the silence befell your waiting ears.  Anyone who knows about me and how I think knows how I feel about perspective and valuing what others see even if it is beyond your own experience.  The Grey's finale often depended on perspective: the perspective of the unknowing bystander, the perspective of the doctor hiding under the bed, the perspective of a helpless and pregnant wife watching from afar as a gun is pointed at her husband.  Maybe it was the reliance on perspective that made me feel this episode more than usual, although from the Facebook posts I saw last night and today, I am not the only one who enjoyed this gripping, spellbinding ride.

My advice: if you didn't catch this episode, find it online or look for it to be replayed in the fall prior to the new season opener.  You won't be sorry.

Thank you for allowing me this.  I will try for something a little deeper next time.


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