Saturday, January 30, 2010


Forget every “I miss you” that you thought you heard. Forget every “I love you,” I never said those words. Erase the smiles, disregard the tears, you can even forget my name. Forget that I was the only one who gave you everything.

Ignore the pleading and the begging, pretend I didn’t fall. Ignore the questions and the crying, you can even ignore my calls. Pay no attention to what I say I need or want from you. Ignore me even as I promise I’ll always wait for you.

Watch me as I push myself off the cold, hard ground. Watch me finally walk away as I find the strength to move on. Don’t shut your eyes to me or try to hide as I finally find myself. Watch me as I say goodbye and move on with my life.

Now here I am, forgetting the one I will always adore. Now here I am, ignoring the promises he made before. Now here I am, watching as he too walks away. Now here I am finding the strength to anticipate another day.

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